BeerTime An Untappd client for the Pebble smartwatch

Pebble Steel
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About BeerTime

Browse your friends' Untappd activity and toast their checkins from your wrist!

BeerTime is a free client for Untappd that runs on the Pebble smartwatch. It communicates directly with Untappd, and does not require the official Android or iOS client to be installed on your phone.

BeerTime is not endorsed or affiliated with Untappd.

Get BeerTime for free!

The current version of BeerTime is v1.3.1.

Versions prior to v1.3.0 will not work after February 1, 2015 due to a change in the Untappd API.


  • Browse your friends' activity
  • Browse your own activity
  • Toast or untoast checkins
  • Intelligent display of vintage brews
    • e.g. Tempest Imperial Stout (2012) displays as '12 Tempest… instead of Tempest Imp…
  • View beer details, including style and ABV
  • Add beers to, and remove them from, your wishlist

Coming soon

These features are currently in development, and should be released shortly.

  • Browse nearby locations' activity (powered by Foursquare)
  • Check beers in

What is Untappd?

BeerTime is powered by Untappd, which is a social network for beer drinkers. It's super fun!

Each time you drink a beer you can check it in. And when you check it in, each of your Untappd friends gets a message in their feed. Users can toast each others' checkins, see what's been consumed recently at various locations, maintain beer wishlists, and all kinds of other stuff.

Other Untappd clients

Untappd can be used directly via their website.

There are official Untappd apps for Android and iOS smartphones.

What is Pebble?

Pebble is a smartwatch that was funded on Kickstarter in 2012. It is available in its original plastic form factor as well as the new metal Steel model.

Who made this?

BeerTime was made by a guy named Chris who's into software development and craft beer.

You can find Chris on Untappd or on GitHub. You can try him on Twitter if you want, but he doesn't use that very much anymore.